Friday, September 14, 2007

Gloria coughs up the cash! Amber has an evil twin! Nikki has a new bed buddy!

Today (September 13, 2007) in Genoa City…

Kevin calls a meeting with the alleged 3 felons, Kevin, Daniel and Amber. Gloria is also invited. If the three give back the $700,000+, they may not have to go to jail. Amber is the only one without her share of the money. The boys ask a rich widow…Gloria and she initially says no way. Amber leaves. Kevin reminds his mommy of her past and tells her that Amber acts just like she did and she might as well adopt her as the daughter she never had. Gloria thinks about it and later she goes over to the hotel room where Amber is staying and tells her that she will give her the money. Gloria finally does something nice for someone else with no strings attached….hmmm…what is coming up for her on this soap…well hopefully a new fashion stylist…because she a green outfit today that was bright enough to imitate kryptonite and bring Superman to his knees.

While Amber is in the hotel room with the cash, her evil twin pops out of her head and onto the bed. The evil Amber reminds the tryin-to-be-good Amber that she can keep all the cash for herself and no one else has to know. The good Amber is struggling with this decision…go to jail…keep the cash…give the cash back…stay free. Now isn’t this a pretty tuff one. The writers need to give this a rest. Let Amber do the right thing for once on this show. It is becoming very predictable that she will do something air head and end up in more trouble for lying.

David Chow gives Nikki a room key holder as a belated anniversary gift. Well the blonde finally uses the key and goes over to David’s room to have a roll in the sack. Well, in two seconds they’re done and Nikki thinks about her life with Victor…the ups and downs. She decides to call him..I’m thinkin’ she finally going to ask the old fart for a divorce…she dials the number…he answers…and she hangs up. Well, Nikki you’ve made your bed..literally…with the Chowmaster who is probably a schemer like Victor says…now you gotta roll with it…because when Victor finds out about this…sugah ya done messed up and you won’t be on the ranch no mo.

Tomorrow’s grapevine:
Will Amber defeat her evil mental twin and do the right thing? Can Nikki work up the nerve to ask Victor for a divorce? Are Lilly and Cain the City's next hot couple? Does Gloria own any clothing that doesn’t glow in the dark?

Jack’s indictment is near! Amber finds the money! Lilly gets ready to party!

Today (Wednesday, September 12, 2007) on Genoa City…

As Sharon and Brad have a late lunch together, Brad reminds Sharon that he will only give her love, comfort and support. He tells her that they could have met at his place. Sharon quickly squashes that and reminds Brad that going to his place would be a mistake. Jack shows up, joins them for the meal and warns Brad to stay away from his wife. Brad tells Jack he has bigger fish to fry with his upcoming indictment and he should focus on that. Jack then gets a call from his chief of staff that the vote ain’t lookin’ good for the Senator and he apparently encourages him to get a lawyer. Jack tells him that if he gets a lawyer it will make him look guilty…he wants to maintain the appearance of that he has done nothing wrong and has nothing to hide. Not to sure if this is a smart move but on this show a lot of people have amnesia…Nick…Victor… and maybe Victor has passed his on to Jack…it appears that Jack really is starting to forget what he has done and is thinking his lies are actually the truth. But you know politics…lying is not really lying if you spin it right and if you have enough cash and clout, you can get away with just about anything.

Amber and Daniel decided to book Jimen’s hotel room at the Athletic Club so they could look for the money. When they arrive at the hotel, Carson is there and they each take turn stalling him as the other person goes up to search the room. Daniel didn’t find the money when he searched the room. When Amber goes up to search, she finds the money behind a vent and she has a sneaky grin on her face …like trouble here I come again!

Lilly goes over to Daniel’s apartment to deliver the divorce papers. She sees Amber there in her usual skimpy clothes. Daniel signs the papers and tells her that he will always love her. Lilly leaves and goes over to Colleen’s and tells her how sad she is and how shocked she was that Amber was there with those clothes on….boo whoooo. Well that mood changes quicker than channels on a remote control…Ms. Lilly and her buddy Colleen decide to have a divorce party for Lilly at Indigo. They go to the Athletic Club…why??? who knows. While there Lilly runs into Cain and she invites him to the party and he accepts.

Tomorrow’s grapevine: Will Amber tell Daniel and Kevin that she found the money? Can Sharon resist Brad’s charms or will she run to his arms yet again for luv and support? Does Jack really have a chance of getting of this mess and will he ever stop lying?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jill regrets her decision! Jack keeps the lies a rollin’! Nick wants to take Noah!

Today (September 11, 2007) in Genoa City…

Jill tells Cain that maybe she shouldn’t have sought to release the tape. Now she thinks about all of the damage it could cause to Jimen’s reputation. Well it’s too late now the tape is out. K, Nikki and Jack meet to get their stories straight. Michael advises K to tell part of the truth and not to lie. Sharon tells Jack to tell the truth and his constituents will understand. Nikki is just fluff and support. Well Senator Jack doesn’t think the truth will work. He takes the Phyllis approach to life…lie and see how it goes from there. Jack called a press conference and called the tape a fake and assured the public he had nothing to do with the story. K was vague and generic…didn’t say anything that would come back to bite her. Nikki spoke to Jimen’s character as a business man and offered her sympathies to his family. So…Jack was the only big fat liar here. Sharon said she understood why he did it but you could tell she was not pleased with Jack’s lying. Victor stops by Jack’s office later that day to let him know that the Senate Office of Ethics was going to begin an investigation into the Jabot deal. Jack was at a loss for words but his face said "Yikes"….

Before the press conference, Nick went over to Sharon’s to express his concern about Noah being in the house with Jack due to Jack’s behavior lately. He tells Sharon that its not good for Noah to be in the house with someone who lies. Well Sharon finally reminded him of their joint custody of Noah and “duh” she let Noah come and be with your blackmailing, husband stealing, lying, sneaky, convict wife so please let’s not go there about Jack. Sharon assured him that Jack loves Noah like his own son and he wouldn’t lie or do anything to hurt him. Sharon told Nick that Noah stays with her. Well Sharon got a surprise at the press conference.…surprise…your hubby Jack is one of the big fat liars of Genoa City along with his red headed side kick who is in jail.

Tomorrow’s grapevine: Has the truth set Jill free and she can now just be a mourning widow? How will Jack get out of this mess? Will Sharon fall into the trap of turning to Brad again for luv, comfort and advice? Since Nick can't see Phyllis anymore, will he turn to Sharon for some friendly support? Hmmm....

Jill is obsessed or possessed? Nick gets kicked out! Sir Victor lends a helping hand!

Today (September 10, 2007) in Genoa City…

Jill is determined to get back at Jack for what he did to Jimen. She acts as if she is possessed with a revenge demon. She invites a reporter to the mansion and spills the beans about Jabot. She then goes to Victor and asks him to give her the tape of Jack’s admission about owning Jabot so she can release it to the press. Victor pretends he knows nothing about this tape to Jill. She then goes to visit Jack and lets him know that she is angry for what he did to Jimen. Now if Jill could stop for a minute and think…Jimen was a very grown man when he knowingly went into business with Jack. Jack did not force him to sign up for the Jabot gig…Jimen jumped on the ship knowing the itinerary. So I wish she would stop running around tryin’ to be Jimen’s mommy, grow up, grieve and move the heck on. This revenge storyline for Jill makes no sense…let Jimen rest in peace and, please,writers, bring in a new man for Jill because apparently her hormones have gotten the best of her.

Now we know that Victor hates Jack. But why would he release the tape. Yeah we know he has it. He’s not going to tell the crazy brunette Jill…but he has the goods on Jack. We must remember that Victor has oil on the brain…he wants Clear Springs to fall thru so he can start drilling and be even richer than what he is now….like he needs the dough. So Victor being the selfish, honest, upright person that he is (not) sends the tape to the TV station anonymously and the tape airs….what will Jack do…don’t know yet…show went off.

Sharon baby sits Summer and Noah so Nick can go with Michael to visit his wife in jail. When they get to the prison Nick pretends to be a lawyer helping Michael with the case. Since Phyllis used the phone without permission, her phone privileges and visits from family were suspended for a week. During the visit, Phyllis tells them that she can’t even get stamps and envelopes to mail letters until she gets a job assignment which they haven’t given her yet. Michael tells her and Nick that Nick can put money in her account and that will take care of that. Michael also tells her that she must behave and follow the rules so he can work on getting her a transfer to a prison closer to her house. He leaves the cell to talk to the Warden about reinstating her phone privileges and visits. While talking to Michael, the Warden gets a call to come to the cell. One of the guards recognized Nick’s picture from Phyllis’ file and the Warden asks him to leave and never come back again to this prison. Michael tries to reason with him but it doesn’t work. They are escorted out and Phyllis is screaming “I need my family…no….no”. The red head is going to have to be a model prisoner to get her privileges back….her buddy Jack ain’t in no position to help her seeing as how his but might be wearing stripes real soon since the dreaded tape has been released.

Tomorrow’s grapevine:
Will Jack dig himself out of this hole or just keep lying and make it deeper? Can Jill join us back in reality and stop running around like a chicken with her head cut off seeking unnecessary revenge? Since Victor released the tape, will he finally get to start drilling for oil because that is what he really wants more than revenge on Jack.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Next week's grapevine

Today (September 7, 2007) Y & R was preempted for another show....

But hey, look what's comin' up on next week's grapevine: Is Jana playin' Kevin...again? Can Phyllis just be in jail without the drama and Burger King attitude of have it her way? Will Jack have to give up his senate seat? Jill asks Victor to help her bury K and Jack. She is still determined to get revenge!! Why we ask? and Will Victor help Jill crush his arch enemy Jack and run the risk of hurting K and hurting Nikki even more -- as if he cares about Nikki..? Tune in next week for your daily scoop of what's up on Y & R!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Jimen suffocated! Jana tells the truth! Jill is gonna get ‘em!

Today (September 6, 2007) in Genoa City. . .

Officer Maggie tells Jill the cause of Jimen’s death was a crushed larynx and trachea. He suffocated to death. Jill is overcome with horror and grief. She asked if a small woman such as Amber could have done this to a large man like Jimen. Maggie’s answer was possibly. Cain and K quickly add that Amber is a lot of things but she is not a killer. I was surprised that Cain didn’t jump at this chance to get Amber since he is so hell bent on making her pay for her sins against him.

Jack assured Sharon that Jimen backed out of the interview on his own because he wanted to save face – a Korean businessman thing he said. Jack told her that he was never going to use Jimen’s family’s land he bought in Korea to get Jimen to back off (Yeah right and we're all walkin to the North Pole tomorrow). Jack and Sharon head to the athletic club to pay their respects to Jill. Nikki and David had tried earlier to give their sympathies to Ms. Jill but Jill tells all of them to basically get out of her face because they are fakin’. They all wanted Jimen dead and now he is outta there. Jill is a sad widow with a bad attitude….playas in the City better watch out. When the TV reporter questions Victor about knowing Jimen, Victor lies and tells him he never knew him. Jack tells the reporter that it’s not a good time for an interview…people are mourning. Later, Victor threatens Jack about going to the cops to let them know that Jack saw Jimen before his death. But good ole Vic went trottin' up the steps to Jimen's room right after Jack left to see Jimen too…I guess Victor caught the amnesia that Nick got rid of.

The doctor tells Jana that the tumor was benign and he got 99% of it out. He told her and Kevin that he did not think the tumor would grow back. Kevin is excited. Now he and the crazy pot can have fun and be in luv and ride Harley's off into the sunset. Well, there is one thing Kevin forgot, his sweetheart is in jail and facing murder charges. Well Jana didn't forget. After Colleen comes over and gives her a makeup job, Jana tells Kevin and Colleen the truth. Her truth is that she will be in prison forever. She did some reading up on the tumor and there is a chance it will grow back because the doc didn't get 100% out. If the tumor grows back she could turn back into a murderer and who knows who she will take out next. She wants him to go on with his life. Boy this is most sane thing this wacko has done since she has been on the show... listen to her...leave her happy that she dumped you. Kevin tells her she is afraid. Jana tells him that he doesn't want to face the truth. Jana calls for the nurse to take her back to lock down. Colleen thinks Jana may be pulling Kevin' s leg with this give up the love act.

Tomorrow’s grapevine: Will Jill talk Victor into using the taped version of Jack’ conversation with Jimen reminding him that he owns Jabot? Why is Jill on the widow rampage and so hell bent on embarrassing Jack and K with this whole confession thing about Jabot…Jimen is dead Jill – go with that storyline for more than 24 hours. Phyllis…can you hear me now…will Michael get you phone privileges so you can stop getting in trouble for sneaking a phone call to the outside word?

Jimen’s dead! Amber’s gives the cops the 411! Jill is heartbroken!

Jimen’s dead! Amber’s gives the cops the 411! Jill is heartbroken!

Today (September 5, 2007) in Genoa City…

When the paramedics arrived, they were unable to revive Jimen. He was pronounced dead. Amber was in a state of shock and called Michael. Jill screamed and cried and held his dead body as long as she could until the paramedics covered him up with a white sheet and the cops came in to investigate. The cops questioned Amber with Michael present. She told them of her theory about Jimen and the stolen money. Amber did not tell that K and Carson knew about her theory. She is standing alone on this one. With her record, I’m not sure if the cops will by this or just charge her with murder because she was found the room alone with the dead body.

Nick, Lauren, Daniel, and Jack stayed at the hospital with Summer. Doc Logan said that she was getting better. Since RSV is contagious, Lauren brought Finn in to get him checked and he was okay. Phyllis was given one phone call by the intake deputy. She called Nick and got his cell phone voice mail. Then she called Michael and he told her about Summer’s diagnosis of RSV but he didn’t have any up-to-date info on the baby’s condition. Phyllis was worried out of her mind. The warden came in later to let Phyllis know that she would have to wait on her cell and earn special privileges just like everyone else and he denied her another phone call to check on her baby. When Phyllis was left alone in the intake room, she tried to sneak and make a call to Nick to check on Summer. The Warden came behind her and clicked the button disconnecting the call. Phyllis was stunned.

Tomorrow’s grapevine: Who killed Jimen? Will the cops find the stolen money in the vent and finally someone will believe Amber? Can Jill forgive K and move on? How will Victor repay Jack for screwing around with his contracts…will this "like you – don’t like you" story line between Victor and Jack ever end?